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Hunan Construction Engineering Group (HNCEG), founded in 1952, has developed into a large enterprise with comprehensive capabilities ranging from survey & design,research & development,higher vocational education,building & installation, road & bridge works,water conservancy and hydropower construction,construction of new energy, equipment manufacturing,real estate development, overseas contracting, international labor services, import & export, urban facilities operation and more. With an operating capital of about 21 billion US dollars, HNCEG delivers contracts amounting to about 16 billion US dollars annually. HNCEG has been ranked among “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” and “Top 80 Chinese Construction Contractors and Top 60 Architectural & Engineering Designing Firms ” for 13 years in succession, and awarded 77 Chinese Construction Project Luban Awards (Chinese National Quality Project Award) in the last 16 years. HNCEG has executed projects throughout China and has instituted companies or project offices in over 30 countries and regions in Africa, Asia,South America and Oceania. Currently, we are executing construction projects in Malaysia, Liberia, Tanzania, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Fiji, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mongolia,Sierra Leone,Bangladesh,Vietnam,Laos, Guinea, Cape Verde and other countries.


HNCEG consists of Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation(the parent company, as the first corporation that has earned the Qualification of Super Grade for building construction) and its 68 son construction contracting companies and construction-related industrial companies, and 300 subsidiary companies including the First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the Second Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the Fourth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the Fifth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the sixth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd., HNCEG Road & Bridge Works Co., Ltd., and HNCEG Huawang Leasing (Group) Co., Ltd., HNCEG Xiangshan Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., and the Professional Institute of Urban Construction Technology.


In its 60 years of construction contracting business, HNCEG has completed many large industrial and civil construction engineering projects, road and bridge projects, and urban utility facilities. The exemplary projects include He Long Stadium, Huanghua International Airport Passenger Terminal (extension project), Changsha Railway Station, Chongqing Performing Arts Center, and the reconstruction project of the National Museum of China, for 600 of which have been awarded prizes at various administrative levels, such as Hunan Provincial Quality Project Award, Hunan Provincial Lotus Award, the Silver Medal of the Chinese National Quality Construction Project Award, the Chinese Building and Decoration Project Award, the Zhan Tainyou Award and the like. HNCEG, carrying forward the corporate spirit of pursuing “excellence, self-transcendence, craftsmanship, and dedication”, has won numerous honors, and its influence and reputation have been notable among its peers. The honors include “Outstanding Construction Contracting Firm of China”,“Exemplary Unit of Corporate Culture Building of the Housing Development and Urban and Rural Construction Departments”,“ Outstanding Contribution Prize for the 10th Awarding Session of China National Craftsmanship Cultivation Program”,“China National Exemplary Unit for Companies Practising Socialist Core Values ”,“ China National Exemplary Business Firm of Honesty”,“ China National Star Construction Contracting Firm”,“Contract Honoring and Honest Firm of China ”,“China National Special Honor for Performing Luban Award-grade Construction Projects”,“China National Advanced Unit for Construction Technology Progress ”,“National Advanced Unit for Building Excellent Grassroot Party Oraganization of the Communist Party of China”,“China National Labor Award”,“Advanced Business Unit for the Party Construction Work of the Communist Party of China”,“Hunan Provincial Civilized Unit”, “Contract Honoring and Honest Firm of Hunan Province”,“Hunan Provincial Advanced Grassroot Party Oraganization of the Communist Party of China ”,“Hunan Provincial Advanced Unit for Ideological Work”,“Hunan Provincial Top 10 Demonstrative Base for Corporate Culture Innovation ”,“Advanced Anti-corruption and Integrity Unit under Hunan Provincial State Assets Supervision Commission”, “National Advanced Trade Union among China Transportation Construction Contracting Firms”,“ Hunan Provincial Government Regulated Advanced Unit for Receiving Complaint Letter and Visit and Safeguarding Stability”,“Hunan Provincial Model Communist Youth League Committee ”,“AAA Unit Honoring Contract and Honesty Among Chinese Construction Contracting Firms”, “Chinese Construction Contracting Firm of AAA Creditworthiness”,and “China National Model Home of Workers”.


At the present stage, HNCEG is deepening its reform, and adjusting its business structure to meet new challenges, and seize new potentials for development in the new economic “norm”. HNCEG is making serious efforts to forge its new development pattern of “One Main Industry with Two Wings”. HNCEG will develop the project construction and the property development investment,which is our current competitive advantage, as the main industry, and industrial-specific facility construction engineering and overseas construction contracting as the two wings of its business to promote its strategic cooperation with local governments, Chinese central government-owned enterprises, listed companies, investment institutions, colleges and universities, and priority industries. HNCEG is committed to innovating its business mode, standardizing its project management, and pushing forward its reform and system innovation to upgrade its business and develop into a group corporation with integrated business modules of construction engineering, property development investment,overseas contracting, general service contractor. HNCEG is forging ahead to become an construction contracting industry leader at home and abroad with market competitiveness, a large asset size, and advanced managerial and engineering expertise in a bid to list its shares for its main business on the security market. HNCEG is exerting itself to contribute to the development of china’s economy and the society of the world as a whole.


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